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Bravox DX 2.1 Decoders for Video Wall Controller

Interactive control, Free zooming in/out, overlapping by mouse and finger draggingIntegrated multi-view, multi-monitor, video wall control, central control features

  • Multiple-operator controls on iOS, Windows
  • IP Based, cabling by twisted pair only
  • Flexible and scalable configuration
  • Plug and play
  • Real-time preview of content and video playing on UI
  • Max transmission of HDMI+RS232/485+IR/IO over CAT6 for 90m
  • Max 16-channel multi-viewer (4 of 16 is with HD resolution)
  • POE power
  • Directly access for RTSP source/encoder, i.e. IP camera
  • Full cross-point audio transmitting and embedding/de-embedding
  • Permission management feature (Multiple UI working in one system with different permission, or same UI for multiple users with different permission)


Video Wall Decoders (DXII)

DXII are display node of Bravox’s IP Based KVM Video Collaboration system, it is an output node (also known as Receiver). It works along with central control, multi-view, matrix switcher, video wall control, 1080p + RS232/485/IR over LAN. DXII is designed for controlling the video wall and displays with multiple pre-sets, audio control, I/O controls and manipulations of display sources using Grid matrix or free-style Display and Switching.


DXII Node comes in 2 models:



All with style of a wall plate, optional 5U rack mounting kit, for max 10 ea of DSII

Features of IP based System

  • With Interactive Control and Preview Feature, with a iPad, a) users can preview all videos, b) swipe any video to any physical displays or zoom in/out and overlapped anywhere at any sizes, c) iPad can detect and display Live status of devices such as volume, dimming and etc. including any operation manually, d) devices control is simply over the window of real time preview.
  • Distributed structure, no server required, Pause of any input node or output node will not affect running of the other parts of system at all
  • High security permission management feature, Administrator can create/delete user account, preset and control the permission level for each user. All these management can be done without Manufacturer and System integrator, and save data locally, no internet access required
  • System can be equipped with multiple IP based central controller(data center), forms a cloud of data center, if any data center paused by unexpected situation, system will automatically switch to another data center seamless, including man-machine interface, historical action, users will not feel the switching of data center. This feature is ideal for high reliability scenario
  • System scenario recovery feature, simply by one key, all running status before power cut off will be recovered, including volume, lighting, dimming, temperature and humidity, without setting one by one.
  • Each node has bi-directional transmission for audio, video and control data, it is able to not only encode and transmit local HD video, but also receive and decode 16 channel video (4 is HD) for video wall splicing and scaling parallel, which are from other nodes,
  • Each node has 1 channel HD input, 1 channel HD output, 2 channel composite video output, these 4 outputs can be either same source or not.
  • Independent audio transmission and output,
  • Each node transmits audio and video transmission separately.
  • Audio output of each node can be from any input audio, either homologous or not
  • Each unit have analog audio input interface, audio can be de-embedding audio for HDMI or simply to be an analog audio input; 2 composite video output for live monitoring
  • Each node has 1 channel bi-directional RS232, 3 channel bi-directional I/O, 3 channel IR TX, it’s able to transmit RS232/IR/IO, and receive RS232/IO and display the status on the user interface like iPad or computer
  • Each bi-direction node support protocol for detecting and timing, make sure every video steaming timing of a spliced video wall to be sync
  • System LAN switch gives access to IP cameras made by Hikvision, Dahua, camera signal will display both the user interface like iPad/computer or video wall
  • Assisted by cloud server, smart mobile can shoot video and display on video wall remotely
  • HD Background feature, any node can
  • HD Map feature
  • Multiple user interface like iPad can be existing at the same time, feedback status of all user interface is synchronous completely

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 17.2 × 8.6 × 4.4 cm
Brief Parameter



Connector of node: HDMI, DVI, VGA

ü  Power supply: POE

ü  Requirement of LAN Switch: Layer 2 Gigabit switch with POE feature

ü  Recommend model LAN Switch: HUAWEI S5700S-28P-LI-AC, S5720S-28P-SI-AC, S5700-48TP-PWR-SI, S5720-56C-PWR-HI

Parameter of VGA node:

ü  Bandwidth: 450MHz (-3dB) fully loaded

ü  Luminance crosstalk: -50dB @ 5MHz, -45dB @ 10MHz

ü  Connection Type: VGA female connector

ü  Minimum input level: 0.5Vp-p

ü  Maximum input level: 2.0Vp-p

ü  I/O impedance: 75 Ω

Parameter of HDMI/DVI node

ü  Protocol: Support HDMI1.4 (part), supports HDCP protocol, protocol compatible DVI1.0

ü  Pixels Bandwidth: 225MHz, all-digital

ü  Interface bandwidth: 3.125Gbps, all-digital

ü  Supported resolutions: 1920X1080P @ 60, downward compatibility

ü  Bit clock jitter: <0.15Tbit

ü  Bit Rise time: <0.3Tbit (20% -80%)

ü  Bit fall time: <0.3Tbit (20% -80%)

ü  Signal Type: HDMI1.4 specification HDMI-A digital TMDS signal

ü  Interface: HDMI female interface / DVI female connector/ USB 2.0

ü  Signal Strength: TMDS +/- 0.4Vpp

ü  The maxi / min level: TMDS3.3V / 2.9V

Parameter of CVBS interface:

ü  Bandwidth: 150MHz (-3dB) fully loaded

ü  Luminance crosstalk: -50dB @ 5MHz

ü  Minimum input level: 0.5Vp-p

ü  Maximum input level: 2.0Vp-p

ü  I / O impedance: 75Ω

ü  Differential phase error: 0.1%, 3.58-4.43MHz

ü  Differential gain error: 0.1,3.58-4.43MHz

ü  Maximum propagation delay: 5nS (+ 1nS)