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Bravox DX3.1-4K 4K Node for IP Based KVM System

BRAVOX IP Based & KVM System provides all-in-one Command Center Solutions, which is combined functions of dynamic KVM, LED/DLP/LCD Wall Control and environment control. Compared to conventional command center solution by video wall matrix, there are following highlighting features:

  • Realized 4:4:4 image chroma over 20 Mbps H.265/264 streams (4K only)
  • No standalone KVM server required
  • No limit on the channels of computer and the connected monitor by one mouse + keyboard
  • Hardware based,just plug and play
  • Resolutions upto 4K@60Hz(4K only) and scalable



BRAVOX DSIII3.1 is compact KVM encoder/decoder, designed to transmit FHD or UHD video over standard 1Gigabit Ethernet with low latency (less than 30ms), low bit rates(4-20Mbps) and high image quality up to Chroma of 4:4:4. High-performance virtual KVM video matrix can be configured over IP, It is a fully distributed and dynamic KVM over IP solutions; Benefiting from its no-server design, any single encoder/decoder’s failure will not affect the entire system, It will surely reduce the risk of system, and add much value on your design of mission critical command & control center.

DSIII3.1 node is KVM encoder and decoder, for operator’s  monitor at workspace or KVM sources, so that the operator can remotely access and control up to 8 computers/channels on one monitor simultaneously;

  • Realized 4:4:4 image chroma over 20 Mbps H.265 streams(Exclusive)(4K only)
  • Access up to 8 computers/channels simultaneously, and have multi-viewing with multiple layout, on any monitor of your workspace,when hovering, layout can displayed,Max 6 different layouts(Exclusive)(4K only)
  • Video sources can be displayed in freely scalable windows on screens and video walls
  • Support operation by both hot key and touch monitor(Exclusive)
  • Audio decoding on a multi-viewing monitor automatically follow the mouse cursor(Exclusive)
  • Support accessing workstation/server with multiple graphic card, 8 graphic cards support
  • Support accessing most of the OS in the market, such as Window7/8/10, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • Preview all source real-time at OSD, what you see is what you GET, Intuitive KVM control Panel for users(Exclusive)
  • Monitoring who have accessed to a server, and disconnect it if necessary(Exclusive)
  • Drag/drop Control what to display on other’s operator’s monitor(Exclusive)
  • Drag/drop/resize any sources on all his connected monitor(Exclusive)
  • Control the video wall signal and preset at any workspace if permit(Exclusive)
  • Push any remotely accessed content to video wall by hot key seamlessly(Exclusive)
  • Fast projecting any content from one monitor to a connected monitor(Exclusive)
  • 4 permissions levels available for operators, EXCLUSIVE, SHARE, VIEW ONLY and PRIVATE
  • Cross Display Switching features, unlimited monitor connected by one mouse + keyboard(Exclusive)
  • Video calls feature over the LAN for encoder and decoder,16 sides users can support(Exclusive)
  • Native capability to decode 3rd party RTSP steams on video wall or workspace
  • Operating & Maintenance system with User-friendly and Intuitively Interface to monitor system’s health and manage all the devices.(Optional )(Exclusive)
  • Soft KVM features on Window OS/iOS control UI, user can control the PC servers directly on control panel(Exclusive)
  • Support 8K signals input from workstations which is with multiple graphic card, perfect image sync(Exclusive)
  • Build-in audio mixer up to 16 channel(Exclusive)
  • 4K/2K+UDP+USB+RS232/RS485/IR over CAT6e, up to 90m, Plug & Play
  • Face ID/Fingerprint/Password for Login support(Exclusive)
  • Support the OSD identification for PC server to display on the Videowall
  • Work with BRAVOX Operation & Networking platform system as well(Optional)
  • 1 can work perfectly with DSII3.1 solutions for the integrated control rooms
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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 22 × 12 cm
Interface Port
Type 4K Encoder 4K Decoder 2K Encoder 2K Decoder
Video Input 2 x HDMI(Alternative)


1 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort


NONE 2xHDMI(alternative) DVI-D
Video Output 1 x HDMI loop out 1 x HDMI loop out 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI 1xHDMI loop DVI + HDMI
USB 1 x USB 1 x USB 2 x USB 1 x USB 2 x USB
RS232 1 1 1 1
RS485 1 1 NONE 1
IR & I/O Totally 3 Totally 3 Totally 1 Totally 3
Audio in/out 1 in +1 out 1 in +1 out 3.5mm jack 1 in +1 out 1 out
Ethernet RJ45 with POE 802.3AT RJ45 POE 802.3AT
SFP(Optional) SFP Duplex LC Connectors SFP Duplex LC Connectors
Redundant Power Optional Optional
Technical Parameters
Video Compression H.265/H.264
Video Resolutions Up to 3840×2160@60
Streaming Protocol RTSP
Bit Rates Configurable 4-20Mbps per streams
Copy Protection HDCP 1.4, 3DES,   support HDMI1.4B,compatible with DVI1.0 protocol
Latency Up to 30ms
Power Consumption 15-30W
Switching Capacity ≥ 598Gbps(more than 40 node)
Forwarding Performance ≥ 222Mpps(more than 40 node)
POE Feature Required(or choose 3rd party POE injector)
Recommend Model HUAWEI S5730-48C-PWR-SI-AC, and max 3-4pcs to stack, for project that need more than 192 node, please use Core Switch, i.e. HUAWEI S6720S-26Q-EI-24S-AC or S6720-32C-SI-AC
Dimension/NW of node ü  DSIII-IN-4K3.1

ü  DSIII-IN-4Kd3.1

ü  DSIII-OUT-4K3.1

ü  DSIII-OUT-4Ka3.1





ü  DSIII Units 7U Rack Mount Kit can Hold 7-9 Units  
1u Rack Mount Ear 465mm
Carton 285x220x120mm per node